Saturday, November 13, 2010

signs of the season... mid fall

I was feeling lazy today, but I didn't want to just zone out to the tv or my beloved internet. So I went for a walk, and did what my friend Julie calls a"Hipster Photoshoot." Using my camera and it's various photo apps (mostly Hipstamatic, to keep with my hipster theme), I kept my eyes open for signs of this particular part of the season. After Halloween, before Thanksgiving and Christmas... the air is just starting to get cold, the leaves are in various states of death and color. Holiday decorations are starting to go up, signaling that winter is near, yet traces of early autumn are still present. It's a gorgeous time of year. Not too cold, not too hot... the most vibrant colors of nature intermingle with the most stark and gray. Gorgeous.

Black-eyed Susans and Roses still cling on to life amidst decay.

The pool, closed for more than a month, is surrounded by trees shedding their leaves.

One lone ghostie haunting the neighborhood... the rest went home after Halloween. And, can you see the "leaf ghost"?

Literal signs of the season... hunting, parties, Christmas bus trips.

Fallen leaves, fallen signs.

Leaves turn so many pretty colors. I even found some crazy white ones!

The hardware store is stocked with firewood. Meanwhile, people find...erm... other ways to warm up.

Some holiday decorations are up. The creepy santa and the tree with Elmo & teletubby "ornaments" are the same house.

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