Thursday, November 18, 2010

tattoo dreaming

In the summer of 2009, I went to Chicago with some friends, and 3 of us (the soon to be Food Blog Mafia!) got tattoos together. It was my first tattoo... I wanted something food related that I would never get sick of. Garlic. Kelly got a sweet Bon Appetit one, and Kelli got the Latin phrase "Saspere Aude."

I still love my tattoo, and can't wait to get another one. I have one planned for the top of my foot, which I hope to get early next year. And I probably won't stop there. Apparently the things are addicting. Here are some tattoo ideas that I am pretty in love with.

I will most definitely get more food ink. I love perusing the Food Tattoo group on Flickr. Here are some of my faves:

Also, check out this slide show of St. Louis Chefs and cooks and their tatts, and this food tattoo post on Chef's Blade, with an appearance by yours truly!

A literary tattoo would be great:

But what would I do? Maybe a Carl Sandburg quote, as he was born in the same town my dad was born in, Galesburg, IL. I loved some of the quotes they had engraved on stepping stones at his boyhood home:

I have collections of things I find beautiful. Like Kokeshi dolls. I would so totally get a kokeshi tattoo.

I also collect owl stuff. There's a whole Owl tattoo website!! Man, I heart the internet:

A pretty, designery typographical tattoo is also a strong consideration, to reflect my career and love for all things pretty.

In the movie Tokyo!, one of the trilogy features a girl who has emotion buttons tattooed on her. I find this to be a crazy beautiful concept. "I pushed it." the man says, with his thumb on her "Love" button. *sob*


  1. LOVE the "Look at songs hidden in eggs" quote. Would be perfect!


  2. I love the garlic! Who would have thought a garlic would be a hot print!


    I so love the double quotes as well. Oh my I love your post!

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