Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bizarre stock images

As a designer, I am often scouring the web for stock images. There are hundred of sites with billions of images... very useful ... but sometimes... oh sometimes.

I'm not the only one who comes across these bizarre images. There is a whole website dedicated to Awkward Stock Photos, as well as amazing posts such as Women Alone Laughing with Salads. Hilarious.

Here are some images I've come across in various innocent searches that made me look twice... and laugh... or shiver.

Are you serious enough about breakfast? ARE YOU?

Fat stoner chirstmas beaver.

Well, Santa is human... I guess?

Bran muffins? More like BRAIN muffins!!!

I don't know. but I don't want.

Carrot in a baby show. duh.

It's called the Fright Diet. Food so scary, you'll never eat again.

She's on the Fright Diet, too.

She looks nice in that apron. But she totally roofied her puppy!

Kitty with pepperoni. Cats love cured meats.

Not to be paranoid, but I wouldn't eat any of that pie if I were you.

I... got nuthin.


This is... kinda cute, actually. Twisted, but cute.

I'm scarred for life.



I hope nobody got paid for this.

They must be European.


Good day to you, fine people!