Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 Reel - Zomedies

Here we go! My second installment of 4 Reel, in which I pick 4 movies that fit a certain theme and describe them in 4 words. My last 4 Reel post was Samurai movies. Tonight I'm going with a newer genre of film... the Zomedy. Zombie movies are not new, but in the past 5 years or so Zombies have been hot. And so easy to make fun of... BRAINZZZZZ.

Zombieland - Surprising. Hilarious. Bill Murray.

Fido - Campy. Cute. Satire. Calm.

Dead Snow - Predictable. Gory. Striking Imagery.

Shaun of The Dead - Best. Zombie. Movie. Ever.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

emo toys

I got a couple new films for my hipstamatic app on my iPhone, and while playing around with combos, I noticed how emo this particular combination of film and lens (BlacKeys Supergrain film from the Camden hipstapak + John S. Lens, which comes standard) made everything look. So I had a little fun with my toys. It reminds me of film school, where you learned how much simple composition and lighting and angle and look can change the audience's perception of the subject and/or situation.

Emo Pippen

Emo Chewy

Emo C3PO (on Emo Chewy's back)

Emo The Count

Emo Firefighter

Emo Percussion Froggie

Emo Mexican nut piranha

Emo Baby Kermie

Emo Chef Duck

Emo Rex

Emo Gnome (he's shy!)

Emo Jesus

Emo Grover

Emo Glo-Worm

Emo Samurai Jack

Emo Baby Miss Piggie

Emo Gorilla Candle

Emo Octopus

Emo Big Bird

Emo Gobo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dog Urinals

Seriously, this is becoming an iPhone photo blog. What can I say? I love my iPhone and it's camera apps. Also, life is hectic, and is not allowing me the time to make new things or write in-depth posts. I feel I must keep this space filled with fresh pretties, though, so photos is what you get :)

These are all from a lunch-time walk I took last fall. I decided to take pictures of fire hydrants. I don't know, their colors just struck me that day or something.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pick a theme: Orange

Photos I took with my phone while walking around my hometown of Ferguson, MO last fall. I was targeting the color orange, much like my day of yellow-themed photos, documented here.