Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pic a Theme: YELLOW

I like to go on Photo-taking field trips. At first this consited of the usual going to parks, local attractions, etc. The results were lots of pictures of flowers and zoo animals. Then a friend clued me in to the idea of picking a color, or some other theme. One day I had a vacation day, and I planned to use it going to parks and woods and such and taking pretty pictures. But that day it was rainy. Bummer dude.

I didn't give up on my need for collecting images, though, no sirree. I thought of some indoor places I could wander around at, and picked a color. I picked bright, cheery yellow. If Mother Nature wouldn't give me sunshine that day, I'd make my own. I used both my regular camera, and my handy dandy iPhone camera. I went to the art museum, some thrift stores and to an antique mall. Here are some of my favorites from "Yellow Day."

A couch at the art museum, taken with my iPhone, then doctored a bit with one of my favorite apps, best camera. Or did I use Camera Bag? I don't remember. I love them both.

Another from the museum... detail of some painting. Fudged with using the Photoshop app (it's free!!)