Tuesday, June 29, 2010

favorite live music. part 2 of ... who knows.

Back in April, I wrote about some of my favorite new bands based on live shows I had been to. Time for the next installment! I'm still going to lots of shows and I still can't get enough live music! Love it. Here are a few of the bands from the past month or so that really stood out to me.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat

I wasn't sure what to expect when my friend invited me to this show. She said there were puppets involved? and electronic music? Then the opening band came on and I got worried. The guitarist's wiener was hanging out of his short shorts, and the lead mumbler was dressed as a mustard bottle... turns out there was nothing under that costume either. So much wiener, so little enjoyable music. But, Quintron did not disappoint. Amazing show.

Miss Pussycat's puppet show was charming, funny, and weird. It revolved around an elephant and a tiger making "Magic Pizza" which is illegal, apparently. After the puppet show, Quintron played super-fun crazy dance music with his keyboard/drum machine set up while Miss Pussycat (yes, they are married), played the maracas (which matched her dress!) and sang. The crown, including me, loved them. Sweaty, silly fun. Here's a good review of this particular show. And check out my pal Bryan Sutter's photos from the show. Bryan is the house photog for the Firebird, and his shots are always impressive.

Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier are two guys that opened up for the Freelance Whales. As an opening band, they blew the crowd away, and became the talk of the evening. I thought they were adorable, and they sounded so rich and loud for just being 2 dudes.

Check out my favorite new local blog, I Went To A Show, and my friend Julie's review of the Freelance Whales/Peter Wolf Crier Show. And from that same blog, a great piece by Dave on how much St. Louis ROCKS in terms of live music audiences lately. He touches on Peter Wolf Crier as an example.

Freelance Whales: Also awesome.

Another shot of Freelance Whales.

Mumford & Sons

Months ago my friend April, the same gal who invited me to the Quintron show, sent me info about Mumford & Sons, saying she had just discovered them and was smitten, and thought I might like to go to the show. She's got great taste, so I was in. Plus? One of the band members has a food blog! How could I not love them? Luckily, we got tickets in advance, because a couple weeks before the show, it SOLD OUT! I was not expecting that, but apparently lots of people have discovered Mumford & Sons great music.

The show was awe-inspiring. Lead singer Marcus Mumford has a certain moody intensity that makes me drool a little. The songs are like roller-coasters... quiet then raucous. The audience could not get enough. Here's my friend Jess's review for IWTAS, and here's another really good review from the Riverfront Times.

Monday, June 7, 2010

to do: crafty inspiration

I have not been crafting much lately, but as Willie Nelson says, You are always on my mind, crafts, you are always on myyyyy mind. There is always a list of projects I want to do. This list is ever-growing, evolving, changing...and not often enough getting shorter. Here is a portion of that list.... I have a feeling I just started another recurring post theme....

I have had light bulb bud vases on my radar for YEARS. Still have yet to make any, yet I still find them irresistibly adorable.

I pulled the above 2 photos from the Ruche shop website a few years ago, with the thought that "I could totally make those!." I have done a wire flower pendant since, but I want to do more, and bigger and beaded!

I love these 2 ideas because they combine my love for thrift and antique shopping with crafts/art. The one on top is a thrift store painting, basically used as a canvas. See more awesome examples here. The image below it is an antique photo that has been embroidered. It's a bit disturbing, but I really love the idea of sewing pretties onto crazy old forgotten pictures.

Paper Robot! to do with what I please! You will obey me, paper robot!

Oh Martha. Always such great ideas! Here are two fiber crafts that a wannabe knitter like me can do without un-lazying myself! No-knit scarf and felted beads!

Button rings. I may try to pry some of mamaphunk's pretty buttons from her at our next craft night. (BTW, she makes these awesome button/vintage flower pendants... go buy some!)

So, could I please get some more hours added to every evening? Thaaaanks.