Monday, June 7, 2010

to do: crafty inspiration

I have not been crafting much lately, but as Willie Nelson says, You are always on my mind, crafts, you are always on myyyyy mind. There is always a list of projects I want to do. This list is ever-growing, evolving, changing...and not often enough getting shorter. Here is a portion of that list.... I have a feeling I just started another recurring post theme....

I have had light bulb bud vases on my radar for YEARS. Still have yet to make any, yet I still find them irresistibly adorable.

I pulled the above 2 photos from the Ruche shop website a few years ago, with the thought that "I could totally make those!." I have done a wire flower pendant since, but I want to do more, and bigger and beaded!

I love these 2 ideas because they combine my love for thrift and antique shopping with crafts/art. The one on top is a thrift store painting, basically used as a canvas. See more awesome examples here. The image below it is an antique photo that has been embroidered. It's a bit disturbing, but I really love the idea of sewing pretties onto crazy old forgotten pictures.

Paper Robot! to do with what I please! You will obey me, paper robot!

Oh Martha. Always such great ideas! Here are two fiber crafts that a wannabe knitter like me can do without un-lazying myself! No-knit scarf and felted beads!

Button rings. I may try to pry some of mamaphunk's pretty buttons from her at our next craft night. (BTW, she makes these awesome button/vintage flower pendants... go buy some!)

So, could I please get some more hours added to every evening? Thaaaanks.

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  1. Too many places too find you! Miss hearing about your adventures.

    I have 2 of mamaphunks flower pendants. I LOVE them.