Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 Reel - Samurai Films

I'm gonna start a new feature... themed movie lists. Lists of 4 films that I think are awesome. And rather than try and be a movie critic, I'll think of 4 words that describe each movie, then include the trailer and IMDb link so you can explore them for yourself.

My first theme? Samurai Movies. One of my favorite genres, because the idea of Samurai is so intriguing to me. Grace, honor, violence, pride. These four all contain those elements, but are all quite different.

Onibaba. Eerie, desperate, strange, lonely.

Taboo. Beautiful, ambiguous, obsession, secrets.

Rashomon. Uncertain, Psychological, humanity, powerful.

Twilight Samurai. Honor, sacrifice, family, grief.

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