Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collections: Owls

This is a newer collection for me, and most of it is from a single table at a Flea Market I was at last summer. Owls. They are trendy, yes, and I cannot seem to resist a good owl. What can I say, they're a HOOT!

This is a white resin owl for hanging on the wall. pretty!! And he was only 25¢!

These are pages from a pad of stationary called "Cute Hoots." I have no idea if this a newer notepad or from the 70's, but I LOVE it and can't bring myself to actually use the precious paper for actual notes. WHOOO doesn't love a good pun, amirite?

Brass owl trivet. So 70's. so gorgeous. (so needs to be cleaned!) This was my grandma's. I nabbed it when she had a garage sale a few years ago. He is promintently displayed in my kitchen.

Shark tooth + wood + Googlie eyes = most awesomest owl necklace evar.

Assorted teeny tiny owls. Can you even stand it?

Noodles can't. He was trying to pounce the whole time I was taking their photos! Look out teeny Owlie friends!! :)

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