Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Collections: Kokeshi Dolls

These are my ladies. I love them. They are Japanese Kokeshi dolls... Simple, sweet wooden dolls. I started collecting them when my ex's parents, his mom being from Japan, gave one to me for Christmas one year. 4 of these gorgeous girls are from them. I love everything about these dolls...thier simple elegance, the colors, the wood grain, the flower designs, their shiny helmet hair. I have been spurred on to show them off since my good friend ulie, a.k.a. Mamaphunk made a post about her love of tiny dolls. One of her newest acquisitions is one of these Kimmidolls, which I had not heard of, but are distinclty kokeshi and super-adorable. I need them all.

She was my first Kokeshi doll. I love her colors. I could decorate a whole room based on her.

See how the wood grain peeks through the red stain? Pretty!!!

My BFF, who moved to the DC area recently, got me this lovely lady at the Cherry Blossom festival last spring. She didn't even know I collected kokeshi! She got it for me because we were both going through major life changes around the same time, and cherry blossoms are a positive symbol of change.

This is another Cherry Blossom one. She is the tallest. She's a bad-ass, and wears it well.

I found this vintage dollie at my favorite antique mall, stuck head-down in some random junk mug. I am so glad I rescued her!

Is this the best facial expression or what? So happy and content!

Speaking of happy faces, this egg-shaped gal really makes me smile!

These are not as elegant as the rest, but I don't like them any less. I mean, come on! Not only are they Kokeshi, they are also nesting dolls AND friggin bobbleheads!!


I love the rich deep brown of this girl's stain. Beautiful.

So, there you have it, one of my favorite collections. I cannot get enough of these babies. It's trouble, too, that they are beginning to get trendy. There are some fabulous kokeshi-related merchandise on Etsy now. Like these kokeshi damn OWLS!! Or these Amigurumi jewelry boxes. Or these pretty pretty prints!!! See? trouble.

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  1. I wanted to have a set of dolls that are KOKESHI Dancers. I would love to have them. ;)