Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Noodles!

You guyses! The cutest most fluffiest kitty cat ever is 1 year old as of sometime in October (don't know an exact date... he was a rescue kitteh). Happy Birthday, Noodles Meriwether Tolle!! Such a good, silly boy! Here are some of my favorite photos of the lil' guy.


He sleeps funny.

Cue "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. *Melt*

Cat in a bag? Portable cat!

I love this photo so much... wanna nuzzle that muzzle!

Noodles in his basket. He spent so much time in it when he was a little kitty, and continued to try and squeeze in after he had outgrown it!

Mama spends too much time on the computer. This worried baby Noodles.

Arm cuddles!!!

Who knew ear hairs could be so adorable?!

Bowl of Noodles! How could I resist such a shot? Pho real.

When these celebrity look-a-like memes were everywhere, I made fake one for Mr. Noodles. I think the resemblances are striking!! :p

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