Wednesday, November 24, 2010

local music & a giveaway!!

2 local artists who I have had the pleasure of seeing live several times have recently released albums. Beth Bombara and Via Dove. I went to both CD release shows, both of which included a download of the CD with the price of admission. Since I had already downloaded both albums, I am left with an extra download code for each. So I'm giving them away here! Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite local artist (doesn't have to be st. Louis... though I'm not sure how many readers I have in other cities...) and I'll pick a winner at random. I will e-mail the winner the two passcodes for the album downloads. I will pick the winner TODAY (November 26, 2010) at 4PM Central Standard time. So get to commenting!

A bit about each artist....

I first saw Via Dove at An Undercover Weekend, a yearly event that features local artists each transforming into a famous national act for one night only. Last year Via Dove blew everyone away as the Rolling Stones. It was such a fun and energetic show! After that, I tried to make as many shows as I could to see Via Dove as themselves, and was still impressed. The album, El Mundo Latino, is pure rock 'n roll. Good times! Here is a review.

Via Dove at this year's Undercover Weekend, as Pearl Jam. I had a fangirl spazztastic good time with that performance!

Via Dove's CD release show. They were minus their bass player due to a family emergency, but they still rocked the crowd!

I started following Beth Bombara on twitter, and started seeing her around at other local shows. After seeing her perform, I was in awe. This talented lady can play any instrument, it seems. And her voice is amazing. She is also married to a musician, Kit. Check them out in the recent Lo-Fi St. Louis video. Love it! With her musical skills, songwriting and Kit's musical skills, the new CD , Wish I Were You, is one I have listened to over and over. And it gets better every time! Beth did a kickstarter drive in order to get a vinyl pressing of the album, so if you are into records, I would recommend you check that out. It is the kind of album that lends itself to vinyl, for sure. See Corey Woodruff's cool photos of Beth and Kit here. Review of I Wish I Were You.

Beth Bombara performing at her CD Release show.

Beth and Kit.

Beth with Cassie Morgan as The Breeders at this year's Undercover Weekend.

So again, leave a comment on this post, and you could win these two downloads!

Support local music! St. Louis is wealthy in this department, with lots of talented artists, and an ever-growing community of local music advocates. Check out all these local music blogs/magazines:

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5 Score Pachyderm
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Also, stay tuned to R&R Music Labs' project, STL Loud... compilation CDs of local artists performing original songs. (STL Loud Kickstarter... I recommend you contribute :)) have until 4PM CST... GO!


  1. Dearest Steph,

    I didn't leave a comment earlier because I don't really have a favorite local artist. You see, I am completely out of the local music scene and only live it vicariously through you. Therefore, I NEED these downloads in order to up my coolness quotient.

    Your biggest fan

  2. yay Stef! yay live music!

    I love getting all your musical updates! I am living vicariously thru you these days - I don't go to as many shows as I used to - but there's been a lot to get excited about this year. And, when you've got a great local music scene, that's even better.

  3. I love Beth but I recently got into John Henry and the Engine. My cousin is the new drummer!

  4. Who is your favorite STL artist? This is a question that a local music fan has to ask her/himself practically every evening. There are so many talented and creative people playing on any given night in so many different styles and genres. STL is full of some real musical vitality lately. Friday and Saturday evenings seem especially difficult for a local music fan: venues big and small pull me in every direction. "If I miss band X for band Y, when is band X playing again? Oh gee ... not for a month or so? Oh gee ... the same night as band Z is playing?" Still, I'd rather have too many favorites than only one (or, much worse, none at all.)

  5. I put 3 different color thumbtacks in a hat... Kelly=White, April=Blue, LeeAnn=Green. Reached inwitout looking and pulled out white! Congrats, Kelly!! Thanks to all 3 of you for commenting :)

  6. darn, Matthew, your comment was just a second too late :( thanks, though! And yeah, it is a bit of a dilemma many nights. Way to go STL! :)