Monday, October 31, 2011

forest park in early autumn

Over the weekend I took a beginner's photography class, thanks to my friend Kali (check out her blog!) who invited me along. Photography is one of those things you can never stop learning about, so I take every opportunity I can to improve my skills (See this post about the food photography class I recently took).

While this class did teach me a few valuable things about taking photos, the lesson that I was most struck by was what a treasure Forest Park is to St. Louis! It was a walking photography class, you see, through this historic park. I have been to the park hundreds of times... it is, of course, where our awesome zoo, art museum, history museum and other various attractions and events are.

So imagine my delight when I found myself walking through glorious gardens and paths and parts of the park I had never explored before! My awe was heightened by the gorgeous fall colors of the trees and foliage. Vivid reds and warm, bright yellows against still green grasses and bushes. Wow. I need to make walking through this large, historic, interesting park a habit. What a lift to my spirits!

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  1. Your work is soaring.. a most fertile beautiful period for thee sister.