Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Orleans in photos

Went to this legendary city this weekend for the first time. It is full of charm and good food and friendly people. I will be back. It was a short trip. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the visit.

Couldn't get enough photos of this building. The teal shutters draw me in.

Applied the Orton effect to this 'un.

View from a hotel window. taken with a disposable camera. I like the gamble of using disposable. Sometimes you get just the right effect.

Another disposable shot. The little baby was the subject of a photo shoot.

We got these cheesy but awesome (and useful in the heat!) souvenir silk fans. My best friend Julie looks gorgeous, no?

Rabbit Livers at Cochon. We had such a great meal there. Yummm.

Boucherie platter at Cochon.

Met some interesting characters. This groom-to-be was still drunk and up at 7am when we went to the pool. I liked him until he crushed my head.


The menu outside the Coffee Pot.

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  1. So not exactly relevant to post, but hopefully welcome news to you anyway...
    Just wanted to say thanks for the Damnwells link below, first.. LOVE these guys, now will go to Baltimore show. The post you did introduced me, and was transfixed (btw, in last minute of that vid, did you see the light going across the sky? Space station or something?)
    Found ya searching for "chelada" of all things... maybe to your other blog. So I find beer "gang sign" of you and friend, and laugh... darn funny! :D
    Skank ham... some great posts. But some of your art stuff is really awesome. The food..well, I'm just trying to forget about it, cause it makes me hungry!
    Anyway, signed up for blogger to write, so there!
    Keep up the great - and fun! - posts!