Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-My Year in Photos

I have been thinking of doing a post here about some of the highlights of my 2010. The more I thought back, looked at photos, etc., the more I got overwhelmed by the amount of fun and awesome that filled my year. I am so in love with my life... 2010 was more than anyone could hope for! I had to narrow it down, so I decided that instead of of trying to cover everything, I would just pick my favorite photos from the year. Still pretty overwhelming, and I'm leaving out lots of awesomeness, but It will have to do, because I need to stop spending so much time on it and continue to live this beautiful life!! :) Happy New Year, everyone. Love to everyone who helped make 2010 so amazing. Let's keep it going for 2011!!


I went with some of my favorite people to the Kansas City Renn Faire in October. I love Road trips! I love my friends! This is a pic of my friend Eric at the Hookah area of the Faire.

Met this little guy at the Renn Faire, also! Adorbs.

I went on a work trip to Wisonsin in October. This was the view from my hotel room. Wisonsin is pretty!

Also from that Wisconsin trip... view from the plane! I get a little motion sick on planes, but the view is always so pretty!

In August I took a long road trip to Baltimore with my mom for my cousin's wedding. One of the last pit-stops it was really early in the morning... prefect lighting for some dewey flower shots!

Our hotel room on that trip overlooked the Inner Harbor.

In March I was in Washington DC and Baltimore, also! I saw Cherry blossoms. AND JULIA CHILD'S KITCHEN!!! OMG!!!

Funky cafe/diner in Baltimore, the Paper Moon.

Checking out DC with my BFF. Yay, reflection photos!

Tumbling down a hill at Johns Hopkins. Life's too fast to simply walk down hills, no? Be a kid, once in a while!


Noodles Meriwether turned 1 this year. He's so stinkin' cute. Here's some more pictures. and


We through my brother, Phil, a big 30th birthday bash... Philapalooza. His band(s) played and we even had a fire breather... my bro-in-law Josh Routh! What a rockin' good time!!

Say Hi to my family!! Every year my aunt an uncle who live in the country have Harvestfest. We all wear overalls, carve pumpkins, go on hunted hayrides. It's glorious and makes me look forward to fall every year! And there are usually puppies, too!

How sweet are my brother and sister-in-law? Highschool sweethearts, and they are still so in love at 30. It's so inspiring!

What's a year without a float trip or 2? Cool lady in cold water. Aw yeah.


Another favorite activity is taking photos of places I'm at with my iPhone. These are photos from various St. Louis places. Ice Skating, summer walking, a friend's roof downtown...

You all know I love me some live music. Here are some of my favorite concert shots...

Via Dove

OK Go!

So Much Closer

Three Sheets

Carolina Chocolate Drops @ LouFest

Gentleman Auction House @ LouFest

So Many Dynamos @ Loufest

Jeff Tweedy and his audience @ LouFest

other music posts:
2 local artists
Album art... by me!
favorite live music 1
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My Cousin asked me to be the photographer for her wedding in Galesburg, IL. It was fun, but oh man, the pressure!!

My cousin dan's wedding in Baltimore. Loved his tophat!!

Kelly and Jerad had the best wedding food ever. A pig roast!! YUM. See Corey Woodruff's photos from it here.

Whew! Like I said. GOOD DAMN YEAR.

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  1. Steph:

    You are by the far the most positive person I know! I need to catch some of your positivity. ;-)

    P.S. Glad we made the list! Love you.