Tuesday, September 21, 2010

album art... by me!

My good friend Eric has a band called So Much Closer. They recently recorded a CD and I was honored to design the cover art for it! This was my first ever CD cover design, and it was so fun to do. I gotta say I feel pretty cool to have been involved in a rockin' album (buy it here!). I also gotta say that the design was focused on letting the photography shine. The front and back cover photos are GORGEOUS pieces by photographer Scott Church. I've actually admired Scott's work for years... it was awesome to find out that Eric was an old Navy friend of his! Scott makes some of the prettiest pictures around (lots of nudes, though, so if you are at work, well, you know better.)

I am so proud of Eric and the band. The CD release show was fantastic... even more so because my brother's band, Three Sheets to the Wind, closed the night out. My photos from the night can be viewed here.

When SMC asked me to design the CD, I immediately scoured the web for inspiration... what makes a good album cover? Who has great album covers? My favorite find was a blog dedicated to album art, called Sleevage. I love that they did a Metallica retrospective! :)

Here are a random selection of album covers that I dig (okay not really random... I also happen to love the music on these)...

(more on this one in this Sleevage article...)

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