Friday, June 10, 2011

mixed tape: see the world

My good friend Julie recently started a travel blog, My Roving I. Julie and her husband Scott are my heroes when it comes to traveling. They have been all over the world and I love seeing their photos and hearing their stories. Combine that love and knowledge for travel and excellent writing skills, and you have one fantastic blog.

Julie recently posted her travel playlist and invited us readers to make suggestions. Ya'll know I love me some themed mixes. Here are some songs I thought would make a good soundtrack for going around the world.

see the world, gomez

off the ground, citizen cope

all my days, alexi murdoch

feel the tide, mumford & sons

the world at large, modest mouse

brothers on a hotel bed, deathcab

snow is gone, josh ritter

whole wide world, wreckless eric

home by saturday, hayden

swim until you can't see land, frightened rabbit

still lost, the features

beautiful world, colin hay

the great unknown, damnwells

What would be on your "Jet-set" playlist?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Steph! These are great additions to my list. Can't wait to add them. And you should come with us on our next trip. We need a food guide!