Monday, June 27, 2011

Knuckles Handerson

This is my brother and I... and my little friend Knuckles Handerson. Knuckles is these 2 eyes attached by a ring. When you put it on your hand... instant adorable puppet! I got him when someone at work was cleaning out her desk and didn't want him anymore. So I rescued him, and now he goes on adventures with me. He even has a twitter account, @Knuckles_H. Knuckles Handerson adds an extra little bit of silliness to my life's adventures. A friend sent me this link... I look forward to making some friends for Knuckles!

Dinner in the front...

Knuckles fancies himself a bit of a lush. Here he samples some Missouri wine.

Zipline tour!

Cranking up water from an old-school well.

Knocking down pins.

Schafly brewery tour.

lost in Illinois.

Stay classy, Missouri!

Knuckles kind of box!

Cotton candy concrete.

Mmmmm... delicious St. Louis Arch. Nom.

Hiding in my purse. Sneaky.

put a cork innit!

Road trip!!

Moar road trip!

Knuckles' favorite band.

heh. bunghole.

Knuckes Hamburger?

Weed eater.



Moose Knuckles.

I swear I didn't do it!

Escape route for Knuckleheads.

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