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Road Trip! Galesburg, IL

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My dad was from Galesburg, Illinois. Growing up we would go there about twice a year to visit Nonna, my aunts, uncles and cousins. Galesburg has always and will always have a special place in my heart. It is about a 4 hour drive from St. Louis... a nice little road trip that I try to make more and more often in my adulthood. A couple of summers ago, I went to Galesburg for the first time as a tourist. You know how when you go out of town to visit family, you don't really go to that town... you just go to your family. That's all well and good, but Galesburg has always been a fascinating place to me. I wanted to learn about this little old railroad town where my father grew up. The following are some of the sights I explored...

Carl Sandburg's Childhood Home

In the back Yard there is a circle of pavers which are engraved with quotes from Sandburg's poems/ writings. So lovely!

Purington Bricks were manufactured in Galesburg... they make up some very historical streets (yes there are still lots of brick streets in G-burg) and buildings throughout the country.


Galesburg is historically a HUGE railroad hub, and still is. I did not make it to the Railroad museum, but, the sounds of trains is constant. When I hear a train anywhere, I am transported back to my Nonna's old house, trying to sleep but not not being able to because I was not used to the train whistles.

Old Main (Site of Lincoln/Douglas Debates)

Old Main, a building at Knox College, was host to one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. It's a simple, but very neat old building, still in use by the college.

Look closely at this painting before reading the info on the next photo... notice anything amiss? (I love this story!!)

Knox College Library

While we were on the campus to visit Old Main, my cousin suggested we check out the library. I'm so glad we did! It's filled with history.... old old books, exhibits, tiny little nook reading rooms with bright windows.

Hope Cemetery

What old, historic city is complete without a cool old cemetery? Hope Cemetery has civil war graves, and graves that have been rendered unreadable with age. Some graves have been updated, and new stones stand next to their old ones. Certainly an interesting, sobering, gorgeous little walk... if you're into that sort of thing.

Seminary Street Antique Mall

Of course Galesburg has awesome antiques. I mean... how could it not?


Visitor Center Big Blue Chair!

I could drive around for days just looking at the big, old houses around town. The Carr house is on the same street that my aunt and uncle and cousin Sarah (pictured with me in the bif blue chair... my tour guide). Apparently Lincoln stayed there during the debate. Or Douglas? I'm not sure. But it's famous. And you can stay there!

Rib Shack and Coney Island Dog are both restaurants that have been around forever. In fact Coney Island is the oldest food joint in Galesburg! It's filled with kitsch and nostalgia, and the famous hot dogs are yummy! Rib Shack is also delicious... huge portions of ribs, served with mounds of onion rings and lots of paper towels and personal water troughs for cleaning your sticky fingers. See more about my Galesburg eats in this Iron Stef post.

So, yeah... Galesburg is more than just another town. It's a town filled with super-interesting history, places, and great people!

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