Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Derby Dreaming, Installment 2: Derby Etsy wishlist

As I mentioned last year in this post, I recently became a member of St. Louis' Roller Derby league, the Arch Rival Roller Girls. When you become a roller girl, it kind of eats your life. This is not a bad thing, if you love roller derby. Which I do. And all it's stuff. Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds of Roller Derby themed pretties....

Neat tote bag by flattrackrevolution

DERBY PERFUME! by StarbornAlchemy. I have a thing for tiny bottles of homemade perfume. I collect them. Just as long as they don't actually smell like derby girls... we get pretty darn stinky with all the sweat and the padding... like football player stinky. But these sound like they smell good... and the labels are awesome!

These felt coasters by girlscantell are totally chic.

Paper dolls by ElizabethOcean. Fun!!

Super-sweet stamped necklace with teeny skate charm by LifeIsRosey.

Hell. Yes. A flask by whimsyandink. (I do not condone drinking and skating, of course)

SKATING DAMN BEAR YOU GUYS. Made from melted ammo by pokapop. So fantastic.

Lookit this baby deer on skates by sweetheartsinner. That's how I feel, sometimes, with my still-knock-kneed skating. Cute cute (not me, the deer).

Pelvis print knickers by knickerrockeroller. To give the opponents an anatomical guide to breaking you?

Skate print on an old book page by collageOrama. Lovely!

Saucy wall decal by beepart. Hawt.

Skate Nuts. Yes. Brilliant, FireboltCreations. Simply brilliant.

Stylin' Roller Derby Mobile by SaltyandSweet.

Get a towel. My uterus just exploded. Roller skate baby booties by inkybinkyproductions.

Funky skate tee by CausticThreads. Leopard print is always in style!

Way awesomer than your mama's fanny pack. Hip bag by flattrackrevolution.

Also from flattrackrevolution, this cute little casual dress. Perfect for pantsless summer!

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