Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mix Master Me

As you may have been able to tell from my "Mixed Tape" posts, I love love love making themed music mixes. Years ago at work, several of my office buddies and I had "CD Club," in which we would each make a mixed CD per that month's chosen theme, and trade. It was such a great way to both learn about music you wouldn't normally be exposed to, and get the creatice juices pumping. Here are some of my mixes through the years... the music was most important, but I love making the covers too. double click each image to see it larger, if'n you want.

During a particular couple of years there was a streak of good friends' weddings. A mix of extra gooey cheese-ball love songs was a shower gift must.

For a "sports" theme one month, I decided to get specific.

Theme for this was "Girl's Names." The art, featuring a girl's name, Juanita, is a piece of paper I found by my apartment's entryway. I was intrigued by the phrase "Juanita! She's a Stick!" I still have it.

2010, yo! A good year for music... I think so anyway.

The first of several "Food" themed mixes. And, yes, this cover was totally a nod to The Who Sells Out.

'07's favorites.

Do you have any idea how many songs about cali there are? I had to do a lot of whittling to the best of the best.

I picture is worth a thousand lyrics.

The theme was "School." duh.

Waaaaay back.

A "Saints and Sinners" theme. It called for a double. Also, bad puns are my religion.

What are some of your favorite Mix Tape themes?

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