Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 Reel - Horror movies

It's almost Halloween... prime season for scaring the crap out of yourself with horror movies, am I right? Growing up I refused to watch scary movies. When my friends would watch Freddy Kruger at sleep-overs, I would go hang out with their parents. While I still haven't watched any of the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th, I have come to really appreciate extreme horror movies in the past few years.

I hate to throw around the word "extreme" willy nilly, but I am talking about movies that made me have a physical reaction... cold sweat, nausea.... really terrifying stuff. In this installment of 4 Reel (I pick 4 movies with a theme, and describe each with 4 words), I give you 4 movies that are fantastically done... so well-crafted and horrific that they may scar you for life. No. Really. These are intense experiences. Proceed with caution.

Three ... Extremes

disturbed, resonant, disconcerting, brilliant


desparate, sad, physical, gross

Ichi The Killer

traumatic, visceral, intense, blood-soaked

Let The Right One In

emotional, chilling, beautiful, revenge

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