Thursday, September 5, 2013


In my line of work I look through a lot of stock photos of fruits and vegetables. I started to notice some disturbing apples... over shined, slick-looking apples, lubed up like they were competing in a bodybuilding competition. Naturally, I started a collection.  

The oily apple that started it all. Glorious, innit?

This one really stands out from it's neighbors. A shining example.

A greased up apple a day...

A classy glassy trio.

Incomplete lube-job, if you ask me.

Sometimes they use Rain-X

It's like a fishing net... from the Exxon Valdez.


A PEAR of gleaming tree fruits.

Gross old book, shiny new apple. Smooth move, teacher's pet.

Is that the glass they used to dip these apples in Wesson?

Not too oily, butt HILARIOUS.

Giant apples need lard, too.

I know! Let's put our oily apples on a surface that looks like a puddle in a mechanic's parking lot!

Are these even apples?

So slick it can't even stay right-side-up.

Lubricious. (thanks,

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