Wednesday, March 14, 2012


One of my favorite apps is the Hiptamatic photo app. A few months ago they released a limited addition "Foodie" Hipstapac. "Hipstapacs" are lens, film and flash combos that you can buy to get different effects when you take photos. The Foodie pac is a Lofus lens and Catelli's film. This combo takes really fantastic food photos, considering the light is good and the food is colorful.

The photos are over-saturated but in a warm and appetizing way. There is also a bit of blurring around the edges to give it the photos that shallow depth-of field look that is so desired in food photography. The whites are extra-white, and the colors are so vibrant. The center is in focus, and usually really good focus. Here are some of the most Mouth-watering photos I've taken with the Hiptamatic Foodie Pac!

What is your favorite Hipstamatic lens/film combo?

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