Friday, February 10, 2012

bizarre stock images - more!

Remember the crazy stock photos & illustrations I posted a few months back? Well apparently there is no shortage of odd images on stock sites. For instance, check out this collection of Women Looking Remorseful After Sex. Ha!

Here are some more I've come across since my last post.

Those who live in grass houses shouldn't... throw weed-wackers?

feeding your baby...Yer doin' it wrong.

Warning sign that your kid might grow up to be John Wayne Gacy.

I just threw up.

Hamburger Grenade FUCK YEAH!

Quick! Check the box for doll heads!


Brush your teeth, kids.


It's almost cute. but no.

New at Great Clips! the "Finger Weave"



"I'm Mr. BoxHead! I have a box on my head! Gimme some candy!"

Hand model casting... yer doin' it WRONG.

I will have nightmares.

What's with all the John Wayne Gacy references in this post, anyway?

tee hee. Tomato peen.


I hate you.

I can't stop trying to figure this one out. I think my brain is melting.

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