Sunday, December 18, 2011

karaoke dreams

I love a good night of karaoke with friends. Neighborhood bars filled with characters and booze almost always make for lots of fun. I can't sing... but I sure love to anyway. I have some safe songs I stick to... mostly some simple rap songs and 90's hits that don't require a great voice. But I have a list of songs that I hope to do someday... songs that require some planning, study, confidence and skill. Here are some of my dream karaoke songs... in my mind these could be EPIC if I ever manage to pull them off the way I imagine.

1. 99 Luft Balloons, Nena

Yes, the GERMAN version. How fun would it be to just get up and do this 80's hit in flawless German?! It would be amazing. I would also dance like Zach Braff:

2. Informer, Snow

Speaking of other languages... okay, this was is in English (allegedly), but does anyone know what he's saying? It's fast and in a strange accent with lots of nonsense slang. And you can't not dance to it, so the audience would eat it up. Plus you get to say "A licky boom boom now."

3. Making Love Out of Nothing At All, Air Supply

I have practiced this one in the car DOZENS of times, but I have to have it down perfectly before I dare attempt it in public. The song is an epic rock ballad... it requires choreography, good timing, air guitar and passion. And perhaps pyrotechnics. I'm working on it. I wouldn't dare shame Air Supply, you guys. It's gotta be done right.

4. Wig In A Box, from Hedwig And The Angry Inch

From one of the best rock operas ever, Wig In A Box is a song packed with so much attitude and power... one really needs to be in character to do it justice. It's a theatrical song with a story. You gotta get into a fabulous frame of mind, and really WORK IT, gurl. I would really need to tap into my inner Diva. Someday...

Do you have karaoke dream songs? What are they?

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